You must convert your Facebook religion to Satanism in order to receive the Offering.

How To Convert


Devil's Due

Devil's Due

Convert Your Religion

Have you joined The Eternal Vigil? Convert your Facebook religion to Satanism and check your religious views below to become one of the converted and unlock an exclusive offering from @DevilsDueMovie. On 1.17.14, Fear is Born.

Check Religion Views

Devil's Due

Thank you for converting. Please enjoy this offering from @DevilsDueMovie.
Invite your friends on and Twitter to convert with you

1. Visit About Section

Visit your Facebook profile's about section at

2. Add Religious Views

Scroll down to "Basic Information, "click "Edit," and then fill in the Religion blank with Satanism.

3. Check Religious View

Return to and click "Check Religious Views" to confirm your conversion and gain the offering.